A Living Room With That Chic Feeling

I’m going to own up to this in my first post – I love shabby chic. To me it’s that potent, irresistible mix of vintage, french and classic features that is just too appealing. It makes me feel like a hipster heroine of the latest artsy movie.

I don’t think it’s necessarily a girly decor style: if a nice fella took me back home and I saw an olive vintage table with curled legs stood against a stone wall, that would certainly work to his credit. It’s homely. It’s cool. And it’s timeless. So who could blame anyone for taking their living room or hey, even the whole house in this direction?

I spend a lot (too much time) on Etsy and there is everything you could wish for on there when it comes to shabby chic. Here are a few of my favourites for your living room:







Shabby chic. Because it’s good to feel a bit of glamorous nostalgia…